This cute dab rig / oil pipe from 'BREIT' does exactly that when you dab concentrates such as oil and wax with it. To do this, simply heat the oil head on the underside with a gas burner, then pour the concentrate into the head with a pointed dabber and then slowly inhale the smoke. The kickhole then takes care of the rest ...

Made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and printed with our stylish 'BREIT' logo. In order to generate more smoke by minimizing the air supply, we recommend using a carb cap.

Material: borosilicate glass

Print: wide logo

Height: 80mm

Diameter: 74mm

Standard cut: Steckshillum

Percolator / diffuser: no

Ice: no

Kickhole: yes
Oil: yes

Breit's oil pipe

SKU: 2061