Aptus ENZYM +

Powerful enzymes

Enzym + is a powerful mix of enzymes with different functions. Enzymes keep the root area clean, remove dead organic matter and root debris, convert accumulated or saturated salts into useful plant nutrients and stabilize the EC in the growth medium. This improves the plants' natural ability to absorb more nutrients without nutrients accumulating in the medium and causing blockages or problems with pathogens in the root system.


  • The growth media can be used for longer and for multiple cycles (the media needs to be changed less often)
  • Stabilizes the EC in the media and protects against salt accumulation and excess nutrient salts (fewer nutrient blockages)
  • Keeps the root system and medium clean (improves absorption, reduces residues)

How to use ENZYM +

With every watering: 2.5L to 10L water (1: 4000)

Once a week: 5ml to 10L water (1: 2000)

Add ENZYM + to the nutrient solution at the very end, preferably just before watering.

Aptus enzyme + 250ml

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