The 2-part. 'Startrails' grinder by 'Black Leaf' is made of abrasion-free, anodized aluminum and is held together by a strong magnet. 20 strong and sharp rotor blades in the grinder crush herbs and other greens in the truest sense of the word in no time at all. A sliding ring ensures that the mill can always be turned effortlessly. The enclosed spatula helps to remove herb residues from the grinder. Note: Never clean or scrape aluminum grinders with sharp objects. Use alcohol or a special grinder cleaner for cleaning. Material: aluminum Color: orange Print: BL Startrails Logo Construction: 2-part. Diameter: 62mm Height: 23mm System: rotor blades

'BL' 'Startrails' aluminum grinder 2-part orange 62mm

SKU: 8040