The heavy grinder made of the highest quality, naturally rustproof stainless steel has a lifetime guarantee, because it is practically indestructible. Another plus point is the easy cleaning, as you can even clean stainless steel grinders in the dishwasher. The hard, sharp diamond-cut grinding teeth chop herbs and solid plant material in no time at all - in the truest sense of the word!

The magnetic holder holds the grinder of the mill firmly together, a sliding ring made of nylon makes it easier to turn it back and forth and ensures smooth running. In this four-part grinder, the sieve and bottom chambers, where valuable herb dust collects, are tightly and securely closed with a twist lock. The enclosed small spatula helps to empty the budbreaker and to collect the pollen dust. The 'Steely Dan' is packed in a round box with a zipper and the 'Black Leaf' crest on the inside of the lid.

Material: stainless steel


Print: Steely Dan, Black Leaf Logo

Construction: 4-part.

Diameter: 59mm

Height: 37mm

System: diamond cut teeth

Accessories: scraper, zip pocket

Black Leaf Steely Dan stainless steel grinder 4-part

SKU: 8038