Dexso (formerly Butanex) - Being able to extract more with less effort. The Dexso extractors are the only extractors that use an emptying unit with an entrained agent to maximize your yield, efficiency and ease of use. In addition, the Dexso extractors with the anodized Al2O3 crystal coating combine the advantages of a metallic extractor with the purity of a glass extractor and the lightness of aluminum. The Dexso extractors are a Swiss original and are manufactured from the highest quality materials in accordance with the highest Swiss quality standards. The Butanex Extractor Standart is the best choice if you want to extract smaller amounts of plant material, if you want to test the Dexso extractors or if you want to convince yourself of the process.

The Butanex Standard is ideal for the efficient extraction of small amounts of plant material. The filling quantity of the Dexso Standard extraction tube is around 40 grams. The Dexso extractors are unrivaled in efficiency and extract essential oils in less than 5 minutes.

Size: 345mm

Dexso Standard Extractor

SKU: 16027