RAW Artesano - the ultimate rolling paper packaging for on the go and at home. Always practical with you! Each RAW Artesano includes RAW Classic Papers, filter tips and a fold-out Ruschti. Simply packaged, it fits in any trouser pocket, jacket pocket or handbag. No annoying searching for any filters, no annoying searching for papers in your pocket and always a practical Ruschti with you!

Raw Classic Kingsize Slim was the first and still one of the best unbleached papers out there.
Thanks to its optimal width, even inexperienced lathe operators or lovers of a thick cigarette get their money's worth.
In our opinion, raw is the best unrefined and unbleached paper on the market!
Due to its special structure and the incorporated watermark, it guarantees a slow, odorless and straight burning of all cigarettes.

Our RAW cigarette paper is a new, innovative product that has taken the market by storm.
It's different from any rolling paper you've ever seen or smoked.
The RAW paper is translucent with a natural light brown color.
This hue, characteristic of RAW, comes from the fact that the manufacturing process is terminated earlier than with conventional cigarette papers and no chemicals or bleaches are added to the paper.
The fibers are therefore unbleached and therefore retain their natural color.
Every single leaf is embossed with the special HBI CrissCross watermark.
This watermark enables the even burning of the cigarette we are so known for.

Paper: special mixture of wood-free glue: hemp rubber

Raw Artesano

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